Terms and Conditions


1. By making a reservation, you accept the provisions of these Regulations and the privacy policy available on our website www.balticfamily.pl. At the time of booking (payment of a deposit of 30% of the entire stay), the lease is considered concluded. The Baltic Family Resort charges a tourist tax, which is calculated in accordance with the Resolution of the Mielno City Council.
2. The initial reservation should be confirmed by paying the deposit amount referred to in item 1 within 3 days to the given account. No payment within the above deadline will result in the cancellation of the initial booking.
3. The cost of stay includes: accommodation with the possibility of using all the equipment in the house, bedding, utilities as well as a common room, swimming pool (in season) and barbecue area. In addition to the season from 01.07-30.08, electricity is also added, electricity in the amount of PLN 2.00 / kWh is settled after the stay according to the meter reading.)
4. The remaining amount for the stay the Lessor pays in cash on arrival when handing over the keys, even if for reasons beyond the control of the owner of the cottage, arrival or stay will be delayed or shortened. In addition, a refundable deposit of PLN 100 / person is charged for the period of stay, payable upon handing over the keys and refunded upon check-out and confirmation of no damage.
6. In the event of a reservation date being changed by the Lessor or a total resignation from the stay, the down payment is not refundable.
7. The basis for checking in is to show a photo ID. If the document is refused, the Administrator has the right to refuse to register and to cancel the reservation
8.The day starts at 16:00 and ends at 10:00 the next day, while the curfew lasts from 22:00 to 7:00.
9. Staying in the building or leaving your belongings without prior arrangement with the Administrator after 10.00 is treated as an extension of stay, and the Administrator has the right to charge a fee for the next day according to the current price list.
10. The landlord is asked to inform the owner of the facility at least one day before arrival about the estimated time of arrival at the resort.
11.If the period of stay by the Lessor is shortened, the amount for the unused period is not refundable.
12. It is possible to extend the stay, but only in the absence of previous reservations by other guests.
13. The area of ​​the Center is fenced, monitored and unguarded parking. Each cottage is guaranteed 1 free parking space.
14. People who did not make an obligation to register at the Baltic Family resort may stay on its premises, after prior notification to the resort employee and from 7:00 to 22:00. An outside guest can stay at the resort after 22:00 at the request of the person renting the house after prior notification and payment of a fee of PLN 150 / person / day from 22:00.
15. In the event of exceeding the declared number of people using the cottage (without the consent and knowledge of the owner), the owner reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract with all consequences without having to refund the fee previously paid.
16. Children and young people under the age of 18 staying at BALTIC FAMILY is only allowed under the supervision of adults. 17. Children under 18 should be on the premises of the facility under constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians bear legal and material liability for all damages resulting from the actions of their charges.
18. Comments on damage or destruction must be reported immediately to the owner of the center. Lack of comments from the Lessor regarding such damage within 2 hours after receiving the keys means that the Lessor has no objections to his condition.
19. The landlord is financially responsible for damages to the house during his stay and agrees that all repairs of damages, completing deficiencies in equipment or removal of defects should be carried out at his expense.
20. In homes, smoking and frying fish are strictly prohibited under a penalty of PLN 1,000 for the deodorization service. Due to the requirements of fire protection in the house, do not use any instruments or devices powered by electricity or gas that are not home furnishings that could create a fire hazard, e.g. electric heaters, heaters, gas burners, grills. There is a fire extinguisher in the House, which should be used in the event of a fire and immediately inform the center staff about this event. BALTIC FAMILY does not allow any fireworks to be fired.
21. Each time a Guest leaving the house, for safety reasons, should turn off the light, turn off the taps and close the windows and doors.
22. In the BALTIC FAMILY resort it is strictly forbidden to use open fire, coal and gas grills, except for the place intended for this purpose (Zone Grilli Baltic Family).
23. In the event of technical faults, the Landlord is asked to report them to the owner of the house as soon as possible, which will allow appropriate response and repair.
24. Using attractions such as a swimming pool, playground and common room is possible from 9am to 10pm and only after reading and complying with the regulations at the above-mentioned attractions.
25. The price of services provided by the Baltic Family center does not include insurance. The services are used by the Lessor at their own risk. The owner of the center is not liable for injuries, damage and destruction of property (damage caused to the health and property of a third person), also for theft of property during the entire stay.
26.A service fee for cleaning the house after your stay in the amount of PLN 149 should be added to each stay. The fee will be charged on arrival. BALTIC FAMILY is not responsible for interruptions in the supply of electricity, water and signals to RTV devices caused by force majeure.
27. At the BATIC FAMILY center it is forbidden to disturb peace, e.g. performing or playing loud music without the consent of the management, and behavior commonly considered indecent. The behavior of guests and people using the services of the resort should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other guests, management and employees may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violates this principle.
28. A fee of PLN 90 is charged for a lost number.
29. If a dog is owned and accommodated, it is forbidden for the dog to get on the furniture and stay alone in the house. The owner of the dog is financially responsible for the damage caused by the dog, and is also obliged to ensure that his dog does not interfere with the rest of other guests, to take him outside the center, and to remove any dirt left by him. Do not leave the dog without a leash on the premises resort.
30. The Baltic Family resort is not responsible for the lack of availability of the attractions presented in the holiday offer caused by the restrictions of the Ministry of Health regarding public facilities including common rooms, swimming pools and playgrounds.
31. By accepting these regulations, I also accept the privacy policy, swimming pool regulations, club room regulations, bicycle rental regulations and playground regulations placed at the reception of the center and on the website www.balticfamily.pl


1. A playground for children is a tricky area for fun and rest. Playground elements are intended for children from 3 to 14 years old.
3. Children in the playground should only be looked after by adults who are fully responsible for them.
4. Persons staying on the playground are obliged to maintain order.
5. Play equipment must be used for its intended purpose.
6. It is forbidden to: twist on chains, jump from a swing, stand on the seat.
7. Do not run between the swingers and approach the swingers.
8. Swing to a safe height, being especially careful.
9. Sliding on shoes is prohibited.
10. Team games and cycling are prohibited near play equipment.
11. It is forbidden to climb on the upper elements of the play equipment structure, especially the swings, roofs of houses.
12. It is forbidden to use swings for more than one child in one place.
13. The playground is prohibited: – littering the area, – destroying and damaging vegetation, – devastating playground equipment and fences, – disturbing peace and public order, – burning fires and the use of pyrotechnic materials and harmful chemicals, – entering animals – consuming alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants, – staying drunk and smoking.
14. Persons destroying playground equipment and devices or their legal guardians are financially responsible. Any damage to devices or destruction should be immediately reported to the Baltic Family Reception.
15. Persons who violate public order or the provisions of these Regulations will be removed from the playground and the BALTIC FAMILY Center.


1. The pool is available to guests using the BALTIC FAMILY hotel services in accordance with these regulations and the BALTIC FAMILY regulations.
2. It is considered that using the BALTIC FAMILY swimming pool is tantamount to reading and accepting the provisions of these regulations and regulations.
3. Admission to the swimming pool is only possible in the generally accepted swimsuit, i.e. women’s one-piece or two-piece swimsuit without straps, men’s swimsuits
adhering to the body without pockets and straps.
4. In the House, leave devices that can be damaged (cells, watches, etc.) and elements with sharp edges that can pose a threat (jewelry).
It is recommended to leave valuable items in the deposit box at the reception. BALTIC FAMILY is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
5. Before using the swimming pool complex, thoroughly wash the body in the shower and disinfect the feet.
6. After each use of the toilet, a thorough body wash is required in the shower located in your house. 8. It is forbidden to bring food, drinks and sharp and dangerous elements, in particular glass, to the swimming pool complex.
(including cosmetics in glass containers).
7. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the swimming pool complex without adult supervision. 7a. Children under 3 years of age can use the pool only in special diaper pants.
7b. Disabled persons with wheelchairs may use the pool only with a guardian.
7c. The pool cannot be used by people who:
– they are under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants – they are in poor health, which may pose a threat to them or others – they suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract or have difficulty breathing – they have unhealed wounds or skin diseases e.g. mycosis, lichens – they suffer from epilepsy or infectious diseases – are allergic to disinfectants – suffer from diseases associated with cardiovascular failure
– have excretory system problems.
8. People who are in poor health, have poor fitness and feel poor, and pregnant women should use the pool and its facilities with particular
caution. BALTIC FAMILY is not responsible for the consequences caused by the use of the pool by these people.
9. It is strictly prohibited to:
– running – jumping into the water – eating food and chewing gum – causing false alarms – leaving children unattended.
10. In the case of organized groups, the group leader is responsible for the effects of the Participants’ behavior.
11. A person who intentionally or involuntarily contaminated a pool will be charged for the costs of changing the pool water. In the case of children, responsibility is borne
12. Staff may temporarily limit access to the pool due to the number of people staying in it.
13. Each participant is required to read the contraindications to play in water. 26. Persons who do not comply with the class rules and pool rules will be removed from the pool area.
In disputable matters, the BALTIC FAMILY General Regulations shall apply.


1. Bicycles are the property of the BALTIC FAMILY Center.
2. Persons staying in the cottage together with a registered person may use the bicycle rental only
with the permission of the person signing these regulations, who bears full financial responsibility.
3. To rent a bike, the following conditions must be met:
a. provide a valid photo ID upon check-in
b. sign these regulations, accept its contents and take over the bike. By renting a bike, I accept its technical condition, and is obliged to report any defects before renting.
C. a person under 18 years of age may rent a bike only with the consent of an adult authorized to take care of minors who takes full responsibility for the rented bike and the person using it.
d. the person renting a bike may not be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, psychotropic substances or substitutes
within the meaning of the provisions on counteracting drug addiction; other drugs that by definition prohibit or recommend that you refrain from driving
4. The Borrower undertakes to:
a. using the bicycle and its equipment as intended,
b. returning the bike to the place of rent, i.e. the BALTIC FAMILY Center with equipment, technically sound undamaged, on the date consistent with the declared return time.
C. compliance with the ban on renting a bike to third parties.
d. immediately report problems related to the use of the bicycle to an employee of the Center and return the bike to the Center in the event of a bicycle defect of any kind.
e. not carrying out any repairs, modifications or replacements of parts on a rented bike on your own. f. cover the costs of repairing a damaged bike or its equipment resulting from the fault of the borrower.
g. to cover the costs of buying a new bike in the event of total destruction of the rented bike.
5. In the event of loss of a rented bike or its equipment as a result of circumstances for which the borrower is responsible in this theft
or loss, the borrower is obliged to reimburse the equivalent of the cost of the bike and its equipment
(based on market prices prevailing on the day the fact was confirmed).
6. The Lessee agrees to cover all damages and penalties related to the use of the bike arising from
from non-compliance with applicable law in Poland, including those arising from the Road Traffic Code.
7. Full liability for accidents, all damages arising during the use of a rented bike shall be borne by the Lessee. Borrower being
a participant in road traffic is obliged to follow the rules of road use and does so only at his own risk. The User waives all claims against the BALTIC FAMILY Center arising from accidents, damages or injuries sustained in the period
use of rented bicycles.
8. The Lessee is solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties related to the use of rented bikes.
9. If the bike is not returned by 23:00 on the day of return, the Lessee’s data will be forwarded to the police with information on the probability of committing
criminal offense by the Lessee.
10. If an employee of the Center finds the customer unreliable, he may refuse to rent a bike without giving a reason.
11. The Borrower undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Regulations, in particular to pay the fees arising from the rental regulations to the Baltic Family Center and to use the bicycle in accordance with the regulations. The regulations have been in force since 14/04/2020
12. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
13. The Parties declare amicable settlement of disputes. In the event of disagreement, disputes will be considered by the court competent for the seat of the Lessee.